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Gratitude Meditation provides a musical and visual series of energizing and relaxing infusions to empower your daily life.


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Created through collaboration with Grammy Award-winning Producer Alex Wand, and bilingual composer and performer Rayko, Gratitude couples global musical material from eclectic spiritual disciplines and non-religious sources, mystical microtonal arrangements, beautiful vocals, binaural beats and enchanting visuals with affirming on-screen lyrical messages to create a delightful synthesis that Engages and Entrains The Brain toward a personal connection with inner peace.


Gratitude’s distinctiveness centers around its unique design features: “There is truly nothing like it,” says Rayko. For Gratitude is both more (and less) than an Affirmation or Meditation series. (There are plenty of those!) Through its innovative recording techniques, integrated images and restorative words that consciously and subliminally connect the listener, Gratitude provides a Digital Tonic to energize, calm and focus our mental routines. Gratitude contains unique “microtonal” musical refinements, based on Wand's expertise, that seductively engage brain processes in ways not available through conventional tonality. This therapeutic value is based on proven scientific principles in targeting brain centers through sub-threshold messages believed to increase Alpha waves, reduce stress and improve sleep. Similarly, Gratitude uses video reinforced by onscreen lyrics to convey its rich messages past the usual cognitive barriers that prevent access to truly innovative and powerful input. Rayko’s beautiful vocals then immerse the listener in a mindful and melodic path from “Dis-Stress” to “Re-Pair” in re-acquainting us with life’s simplest joys, moving beyond limiting thought to unconditional love within, and our (sometimes-overlooked) good fortune in simply being alive.


Appealing on both the esoteric and practical levels, Gratitude’s purpose is simple, composer Rayko says: “To provide support in today’s hectic world.” This is accomplished in an effortless “Ki-engaging” movement toward Inner Peace, Satori, Ananda and Samadhi. Further, we come to realize that we can create and, with practice, anchor this consciousness to recall and recover these rich moments with full integrity at any place and time throughout our day. Being of short duration, Gratitude’s episodes may be viewed daily – morning and evening, AM and PM and experienced “Eyes open.” In addition to viewing on a computer or mobile device, technologically-advanced Gratitude is also available on Amazon Prime Video via Amazon/Alexa Fire Cube TV. The constantly-expanding Gratitude series is offered free of charge.

gratitude praise

Sandy Beach

"I appreciate the comfort that Gratitude‘s affirmative and relaxing messages bring to supporting the mental health of its viewers. Having worked on our Stay Alive video documentary aimed at suicide prevention with these collaborators, I am confident that this program will similarly bring value to many. I hope that you will experience Gratitude." 

Mark Goulston, MD

Nationally-known psychiatrist, and

best-selling author of Talking To Crazy,

and Just Listen, among others.

Former UCLA Professor

"Great job, Frank! Very impressive and meaningful undertaking. I’m proud of and grateful for you."


Frank Fitzpatrick

Internationally-known Composer, Musician, Grammy Nominee, and Musical Director.

Producer of The Larry Sanders Show, and Yoga Revolution. Founder of EarthTones non-profit initiative promoting music and arts in schools. Keynote speaker for Singularity University, TEDx and Esalen.

"Anytime talented people lend their gifts towards increasing gratitude the world becomes a better place. Consistent with my development of, I believe that the Gratitude series will bring emotional fulfillment to its audience in ways that are inspiring and meaningful. Its brevity makes it easy to fit into your day. Anytime Frank and his team devote their efforts toward a powerful project you can expect it to bring value to a tremendous number of people. I love Gratitude. I practice it every day."

Steve Gatena


Music From Our Podcast Interviews

Coming Together


Please enjoy Coming Together—our new piece of music with such meaning for today. Coming Together captures the challenge of the difficult times we are all feeling, as it encourages us all to create healing and find common ground. In an engaging musical track, Vocalist Rayko reflects on today's possibilities as she sings: Coming together, uniting, ourselves. Imagine new connections with each other, we chose to come together forever.

Help Me Push My Stone Up The Hill


Please enjoy our new song, Help Me Push My Stone Up The Hill. It captures the challenge of the difficult times we are all feeling today, and it dramatically portrays the “Hero’s Journey” that each of us is on. Against an engaging musical track, Vocalist Rayko delivers a personal statement of courage as she sings: Feeling my fears, not gonna crack, must stop this curse before it slays me, try to outrun, trying to flee, I won’t let hate take what once was free, and hear my heart scream I need you to see! She continues with: I’m so tired of this treadmill, fighting for my life, need all my will, help me push my stone up the hill. With a final appeal, including mythical references: Albatross stuck, cries to be free, Sisyphus sliding, no amnesty, pray to endure, all that’s decreed. That rock at the top, how long can I hold on? When’s it gonna stop? God, don’t let me down. Ironically, the completion of the song was delayed when Producer Arif Hodzic was confined to hospital ICU, with a condition initially thought to be Covid-19.

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