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“Gratitude is the wine of the soul. Go on. Get drunk!” – Rumi

Additional Information  

Gratitude is available for no-charge viewing on YouTube and It is also available via Amazon Prime Video and Amazon/Alexa Fire Cube TV. (Can be invoked via the command: “Play Gratitude Video”). High quality (FLAC 192 format) tracks are also available for purchase. We also acknowledge Louis Schwartzberg in our development of this program. 

Related Work 

Various of the Gratitude’s collaborators have produced songs in parallel esoteric and popular domains, including: You Gave Me Nothing, Broken (Open)Yellow Fever, as well as the suicide-prevention documentary,

Future Releases 

Following this publication of the first three songs “Pairs” (Energizing/Relaxing), Gratitude is planned to deliver a customized track for each day of the month. Upcoming Gratitude releases may include additional elements such as sound bath immersion, Electric Sheep, entraining Binaural Beats, and breathing exercises—techniques that enhance focus and concentration and improve mental health through imagery and cognitive training, and other innovative aural technologies to engage and enchant listeners/viewers in addition to the following: 

  • Mirror –  Energetic Transfer 

  • Animal Planet – Core Connection 

  • Senses – Magic Moments

  • Spirit – Energy  

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